Paris bucket-list: things to do and places to see in the city of love!

Paris is internationally known as the city of love. And it couldn’t be different! Is there anything more romantic than the view from the Eiffel Tower? Or than the sight of an enlightened attic in Montmartre, during the evening, while walking down the street? Not to mention the chance to admire the works of art from the French Romantic period, or to explore galleries full of antiques, small shops and old bookshops… it will be for sure an open-eyes dream!
But Paris is far more than this, and is able to offer lots of things to do and to see: with its heritage of museums, monuments, churches, distinctive districts and typical food, this magical place absolutely will be worth the visit! But how can you make the most from your time in the Ville Lumière? Here is some advice!

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1. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

The selfie of the year? The one in front of the Moulin Rouge! It is one of the most famous cabaret clubs ever and is much appreciated by tourists; so much so that it has been included in the list of the 10 most photographed places in the world. It is a real institution in Paris and boasts a long and fascinating history …you can’t miss it!

2. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower

It is the most famous monument of the french capital, known throughout the world as the symbol of Paris and of France itself. Made entirely of wrought iron, the Eiffel Tower is full of surprises: its seemingly even colour, for example, grows darker as you climb, so that the structure appears uniform when viewed from below: check it out!

3. Louvre Museum


The Louvre is one of the most visited and famous museum in the world and it is so large that it takes about 100 days to visit it all, provided you spend 30 seconds inside each room! It boasts a collection of over 35,000 works; among these Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa, and Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People stand out…you cannot leave the city without visiting it!

4. Champs-Élysées


Start out in style at the French capital with a walk on Europe’s most famous avenue. From Place de La Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, high-fashion boutiques, elegant motor shows, cinemas, restaurants and gardens alternate… let yourself be captivated by the charm of the Champs-Élysées!

5. Montmartre


It is perhaps the most romantic district in Paris. Known for its remarkable artistic tradition, it is characterized by cozy streets that rise up to the very famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart. From here you have a breathtaking view over Paris! Montmartre is also known for its clubs and its nightlife!

6. A Macaron in the Saint-Germain district


You can’t leave the city before tasting one of the most iconic Parisian sweets: the Macaron! The elegant Saint-Germain district is the ideal place to enjoy it: as you exit Musée d’Orsay or whilst strolling along the banks of the Seine, step into one of the famous pâtisserie and indulge in its unique taste!

7. A stroll through the Marais district


Out for relaxation? Fancy a shopping trip? The Marais is the right place. One of the most visited neighbourhoods in the city, it is both quiet and mysterious whilst trendy and bustling. Stylish shops, noteworthy attractions (such as Victor Hugo’s house and the Picasso Museum) and the beautiful Place des Vosges make it a must-see!

8. La Promenade Planteé

Promenade Plentée

The Promenade Plantée, or Coulée verte René-Dumont, is the world’s first raised public park! This walkway, built in 1998 on the disused railway line that connected the Place de la Bastille to the Varenne-Saint-Maur, offers suggestive scenarios: modern architecture alternates to areas of wild vegetation. An unmissable experience 4.5 kms long!

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