Things to do in London: a short guide to the top attractions and activities

You can’t leave London without visiting the attractions which make it famous all over the world!
From the classical Buckingham Palace to the ultra modern London Eye, we’ve listed here the unmissable things to do and see if you’re visiting the British capital or if you’re actually planning there one of your next trips!

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1. Fish and chips and a walk around Camden Town

Fish and chips a Londra

London, home of the Queen, the Big Ben and of…Fish and chips! Enjoy it in Camden Town cooked to perfection while you are walking around famous and colorful Camden Market! Eating only one will surely be not enough…

2. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

You can’t leave the capital before visiting the most instagrammed spot in London! Pop and rock at the same time, it’s the opposite of the traditional and “regal” London: crossed by 100 million people every year, this intersection is one of the most visited points in the UK!

3. London Eye

London Eye from far away

Do you want to admire a breathtaking view? Take a ride on the London Eye: on a clear day, from the top of the London Eye, you can also see Windsor Castle, 40 km from the city centre.

4. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge illuminated at night in London

Discover the history and mysteries of one of the most famous and most beautiful bridges in the world! Tower Bridge is one of the unmissable symbols of the city: here, in addition to the historical beauty of the site, you can admire the best view of the Thames!

5. The British Museum

Ceiling of the British Museum

Be warned: its collection is so rich that you might get Stendhal’s syndrome! Entry is free to all permanent exhibition areas, housing approximately 8 million objects that take you on a journey to the discovery of the origins of humanity! From the rooms dedicated to ancient Greece and Rome, to those where you can see the mummies of ancient Egypt, this museum is a must-see during your stay!

6. The Big Ben

Big Ben seen from far away

We admire it, we photograph it, it is the first thing we look for once we arrive in London! But how much do we know about the most famous clock tower in the world? Why is it called “Big Ben”? When was the first time the clock struck? Discover all the curiosities about the main attraction of the English Capital! Discover all the curiosities about the main attraction of the English Capital!

7. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Don’t leave the Capital without having watched the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard, a rite that since 1660 is performed several times a week right in front of Buckingham Palace, the wonderful residence of the Queen of the United Kingdom!

8. Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Do you love long walks and large green spaces? If yes, then Hyde Park is for you! It’s the most famous one of all London’s parks and it’s the largest Royal park. It covers 140 hectares in the middle of London and is an amazing place for children because of its swings, slides and interactive equipment!

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