The best things to do in Rhodes: all must see attractions

Rhodes is a spectacular Greek island filled with so many experiences: in this place, tourists can find both fun and cultural activities and mix them to never get bored! Rhodes has something for everyone: from wooden areas, stunning beaches, old churches and castles, and every visit should combine something cultural and relaxing!

To fully enjoy your time in Rhodes, here are 7 some tips to make the most of your visit!

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The Medieval Town of Rhodes

Medieval Town, Rhodes

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the most well preserved medieval cities in the world, and offers tourists from all over the world a magical atmosphere, allowing them to take a dip in the past. Modern shops, restaurants and cafés are set in a unique background: the city, recognized by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site, hosts buildings and proofs of different historical periods, ranging from the occupation by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem to the Ottoman period and to the Italian occupation of the Dodecanese.

Located in the city walls, the Medieval City deserves a stopover for a cultural visit, a walk, a bit of shopping, a dinner or aperitif: the not-usual background will make your stay unforgettable!


Mandraki, Rhodes

Mandraki is the main tourist harbor of Rhodes, a destination to visit also for retracing an important part of the city’s history: the legend tells that the two columns at the entrance that long ago supported the Colosseum. Mandraki is located in a central area of the city and today this place, with its modern marina facilities, is a call for yachts visiting Rhodes.


Lindos, Rodi

The town of Lindos is an archeological site famous for its acropolis, located on cliffs, in which tourists can admire Medieval gates dating back to the IVth century. The temple of Athena Lindia rises Above a more ancient one, and at the lower level is located the Castle of the Knights of St John (XIV sec).

Butterflies Valley

The Valley of Butterflies is a green paradise, in which the scene is dominated by rivers, small inexhaustible waterfalls, trees and flowers. A relaxing daydream for tourists, who can also admire, in summertime millions of butterflies, which, attracted by a particular resin, gather this valley. The experience is suggested especially in July and August!

Kallithea Springs

Le Sorgenti di Kallithea, Rodi

An unmissable stop in Rhodes is Kallithea Springs, located on the east coast.

This area was known by the Greek people, since the Doric Exapolis times; but its spring became famous from 1922, when Rhodes was occupied by the Italians. The governor of the Italian Aegean Island, Mario Lago, undertook a series of actions to enhance Italian in Rhodes lifestyle and, among other initiatives, organized an examination of the Kallithea water to define the purity and the therapeutic benefits. The built of a spa complex begun in 1927 and it was inaugurated on July 1st, 1929. The elegance of the building makes it a perfect location for important events, as parties and weddings: a beautiful covered entrance, exotic terraces, stone mosaics and courtyards characterize the location. The natural environment of Kallithea Springs, rich in vegetation, enriches the thermal experience.

Tsambika Monastery

Tsambika Monastery deserves a visit both for the amazing panorama and for a religious icon that, according to the tradition, is able to ensure fertility.

Literally, Panaya Tsambika means “The Virgin Mary of the Spark”; the Monastery, consecrated to her, is an example of Orthodox building. The free entrance allows tourists from all over the world to admire religious works of art and this important icon for the Virgin Mary.

Seven Springs

Seven Springs, Rhodes
Nikater, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This wooded area is one of the most charming destinations in Rhodes and, as its name suggests, hosts seven springs falling in a small lake, accessible through a 86 m long very narrow dark tunnel and an immense variety of wildlife. The walkways and paths along the area allow to go deep in the forest: wooden bridges and passages have been built to make the walk easier, and lots of people go exploring to search for the point where springs originate.
The amazing nature, the quiet and beauty of the area make this trip one of the most magnificent of Rhodes.

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